Spring Clean Cache

Spring Clean Cache


It’s that time of year when we throw open our cupboards, rifle through our pantries, and re-organise our sheds.  In the process, we’re bound to find some hidden gems just waiting to be rediscovered.

Here’s a few we found in our Spring Clean that you’re bound to find handy.

1/. Managing Underperformance Guidelines

2/. Undertaking Workplace Restructures

3/. Employment Contracts for Award Covered Employees

These are just some of the array of resources available to you as CCER members. 

We encourage you to take a few moments to re-familiarise yourself with our extensive services and resource library.

You’ll find:

  • Key Awards, Agreements and Pay Schedules,
  • Guidelines on a range of matters such as managing underperformance, Work Health and Safety, recruitment, and managing leave
  • Useful templates such as employment contracts and policies.

Don’t forget to cast your eye over our training calendar too.  We provide a variety of professional development opportunities especially for our members.  We’ve a few workshops left this year and will be publishing our 2019 events shortly – so keep an eye out for that.

Most importantly, don’t forget to contact us with any of your HR concerns.  Our Employment Relations Specialists are up to the challenge and enjoy collaborating with members. You can contact us here , on 9390 5255 or via email on enquiry@ccer.catholic.org.au.

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