Be Smart in the Silly Season

Be Smart in the Silly Season


Christmas is coming and with it a whole Santa-swag of social events.  It can be a dizzying time of year but that’s no excuse to go off the rails.  Too often people do things at staff Christmas parties that land them in trouble and sometimes out of work.

One woman lost her job after taking home sausages and salads after a work function.  In her defence, she had asked the caterer if they were leftovers.  But what she didn’t do was ask her boss.  If she’d done so she’d have learned those snags weren’t to go to waste – but were to be used at a function the next day.

And then there’s the man who had a few too many drinks, pushed a colleague in a pool, swore like a trooper at staff, and injured a co-worker who had asked him to leave. The judge defended the decision to sack him as “society no longer readily accepts alcohol consumption as an excuse for bad behaviour.”

So, don’t confuse the Christmas spirit with the alcoholic kind as too much of the latter could land you in court.

Best to play it smart by following these two basic rules;

1. Don’t drink too much alcohol.  Alternate each boozy beverage with a glass of water and make sure you eat lots of food.

2. Don’t forget you are still, technically, at work.  This means you’re held to the same professional standards as you would be in the office or classroom or wherever else you carry out your usual duties.  In a nutshell, if you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t do it at a work function.

There you have it – a timely reminder on how to stay off the Christmas cringe list.  We hope you have a fabulous time at your staff party and get the chance to kick back and celebrate the year that was.  Here’s to you, and the hundreds of thousands of other people who make Catholic workplaces so great.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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