Police Checks and when to use them

Police Checks and when to use them


Organisations in a child-related sector will be well aware of the requirement for staff in child-related positions, to have a Working With Children Check clearance.

But what about roles in a non-child related sector or other situations where a Working With Children Check isn’t required?  You might also want to know about non-child related offences which will not be disclosed by a Working With Children Check.

Appropriate pre-employment screening processes should be in place for these situations so you can be confident that you’re engaging the appropriate people to work in your organisation.

One option is to require a prospective employee to have a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (Police Check).

The Police Check is compulsory for any employees working in aged care or with vulnerable people, but can also be used in other situations. You should carefully consider the nature of the role and whether there are risk factors you can mitigate by a Police Check.  For example, you may want to know whether potential employees in a finance department have any fraud-related convictions.

If you do require a Police Check (or any other form of employment screening), you should indicate this in the job advertisement so applicants are aware of the requirement. This will ensure you target only those applicants willing and able to meet these screening requirements. To save time and expense, it is recommended you only perform this screening on your preferred applicant, toward the end of the recruitment process.

CCER is an accredited screening agency and can conduct the check for you. Through a portal that has been purpose-built for our members, we can arrange the Police Check and help you provide a safe environment for vulnerable people such as children, the elderly and people with a disability, and ensure that persons in positions of trust are adequately screened.

A past conviction may not automatically disqualify a prospective employee from employment. As part of your decision as to whether to engage them or not, you should carefully consider all the facts, balancing the requirements and responsibilities of the job against the nature and circumstances of the conviction.

For more information, please get in touch or to register to use CCER’s Police Check services go to https://www.ccerpolicecheck.org.au/

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