Minions and Dominions

Minions and Dominions


This December, my kids were given a Minion themed “chocolate count down” calendar that my mum bought from Coles. Each morning, there is much excitement about who gets to open the next window, and perhaps more importantly, who gets to eat the tiny chocolate that sits inside.


The idea of a chocolate ‘count down’ calendar is, in many ways, reflective of how as a community, our preparation for Christmas has changed.  The liturgical season of Advent, meaning “coming”, has been replaced by a secular season of “countdown”.


Instead of slowing down and taking time to reflect on the coming of Jesus, giant clocks in our shopping malls tell us how many weeks, days, hours, and seconds we have until Christmas!


Despite all this, I’m trying to resist this expectation to “count down” to a single day.  Instead, I’m following the wisdom of our Church.  I’m preparing for a greater event, and I’ll be using this time to reflect on the Truth that:

  • Jesus came to us as a baby born in Bethlehem.  This is the historical event of the Incarnation – “the Word made flesh”,
  • Jesus continues to come to us today. His spirit is alive in our hearts and our communities; and
  • Jesus will come again, at the end of time, when all the nations will face final judgement and Christ will herald in a new heaven and earth.


So, while my kids may be engaging in a little light-hearted Minion fun, as a family we’ll be revering a different kind of minion this Christmas – God’s dominion.


For when the frenzy of the festive season dies down, we’ll be calmly celebrating that Jesus came and will come again.  And that is the best Christmas present anyone can get!


 Kirrily McDermott is an Employment Relations Specialist at CCER.

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