Don't Miss This Deadline

Don’t Miss This Deadline

Requirement To Provide Casuals With Award Conversion Clause

Recently we advised you about a significant court ruling on casual employmentwhich included an update on casual conversion and the effect of the model conversion clause. The model clause was inserted into 84 modern awards and came into effect on 1 October 2018. A modified version will also be inserted into a further 14 modern awards.

Employers are required to provide all casual employees with a copy of the provisions of the relevant modern award conversion clause within the first 12 months of an employee’s first engagement.


For casuals already employed as at 1 October 2018, this must be provided by 1 January 2019.


CCER Can Help

To assist you in communicating the changes to relevant staff and meeting your notification obligations, get in touch with our experienced Employment Relations Specialists, who will gladly take you through the processes and provide any necessary documents and templates.

If you also require assistance in determining award coverage and how to manage requests for casual conversion in your place of work, contact us at or on (02) 9390 5255.


  Anthony Micallef is an Employment Relations Specialist at CCER

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