An Employer's Guide to the Public Holidays

An Employer’s Guide to the Public Holidays


Top things to remember during the Public Holiday period

Work parties, family get-togethers, frenzied efforts to catch up with friends “before the end of the year”…it all becomes a bit of a juggling act as we head into the Christmas season.


For many employers, filling rosters, managing leave and amending payrolls during this time can be especially tricky.


We’ve put together a quick guide of some important things to keep in mind.


List of Public Holidays in NSW & ACT this Christmas period

  • Christmas Day – Tuesday 25 December, 2018
  • Boxing Day – Wednesday 26 December, 2018
  • New Year’s Day – Tuesday 1 January, 2019


Pay & Entitlements

  • All employees that work on a public holiday are entitled to receive their base rate of pay.
  • Some may also be entitled to penalty rates, extra days off and other entitlements. If you’re unsure about what your staff is entitled to, please contact us.
  • If an employee is on paid leave (annual, personal/carer’s or long service leave) on the day of the public holiday, the employee is still entitled to be paid for the public holiday without incurring a deduction from their leave balance.
  • Casual employees are only entitled to pay if they actually work on the day of the public holiday.


Asking employees to work on a public holiday

 Most employees are entitled to a day off on a public holiday.  But there are some exceptions such as people working in health care, aged care and social services.  Within reason, employers can request that staff in these sectors work on public holidays.


If you need assistance or want more information on how to manage requests regarding public holidays, get in touch with our Employment Relations Specialists.


Don’t forget to check out our opening hours too.


Happy (public) holidays!

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