Status Report

Status Report


It’s been an extremely busy and productive first quarter here at CCER.

We’ve been at the forefront in the fight for fair pay, as the Fair Work Commission decided to cut penalty rates for some workers.  We’ve spoken for the Catholic community via submissions, media conferences and editorials, arguing for people to be properly compensated for working weekends.

We were joined in our call for fairness by the federal opposition leader, Bill Shorten, who kicked off our Faith at Work Dialogue series in February.  The ALP chief spoke at length with CCER Director Tony Farley at the Museum of Sydney.  Mr Shorten told a packed room some of the emotional stories and dramatic events that have inspired his public policies. We’ve outlined some of them for you here, but I encourage you to take a listen to the podcast to get the full effect.

Ever wondered what makes a Catholic school Catholic?  Sounds like a silly question, but in an age of increasing secularism the nature of Christian schools is changing.  It was the topic of the second Dialogue in this year’s Faith at Work series, which was held in March.  Professor Richard Rymarz of the Broken Bay Institute shared his thought-provoking insights as a leading researcher, theologian and author.

In the last three months we’ve received hundreds and hundreds of calls seeking assistance on employment matters.  These range from child protection issues to unfair dismissals, contract negotiations, leave entitlements, and workers compensation. We’ve also had a lot of enquiries about disciplinary matters and performance issues.  For those of you who love statistics, we’ve tallied the top five topics you have been us calling about.  You’ll find those in our Operational Matters section, along with details on current EA negotiations, including the landmark Principals Agreement, which will bring Primary teachers’ pay in line with their High School counterparts.

Each quarter, CCER will be focusing on a specific issue that affects your daily work life.  Our Autumn theme is performance reviews.  Tony Farley explains why they are crucial to an organisation’s success and outlines how to do them without nerves or tears.  Kirrily McDermott goes into detail about dashboards, and if you’re looking for a cheat sheet, check out our Six Top Tips.

These are just some of the highlights. Next week we’ll be launching a brand new homepage to make it easier for you to see what we’re up to on your behalf.  We’re particularly excited about a new section in which we place the spotlight on you, profiling the people that make Catholic organisations great.  The first to step into the limelight for us is primary teacher, Chantal Azar.  We caught up with her during Catholic Schools Week.  Click on her profile to find out why she thinks the perfect day involves making mistakes!

As always, we’re here to help you with all your employment issues.  We urge you to check out our training calendar which has some recent additions, and to call us if you have specific issues or questions.  And of course, there’s a wealth of resources online that we’ve made just for you.  Feel free out check them out.

All the best,

The CCER team

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