Recruiting Right Part 3: Five Things You Need to Know When Placing The Ad

Recruiting Right Part 3: Five Things You Need to Know When Placing The Ad


Decided that recruiting is the best option? Check. Drafted an advertisement? Check. Not sure where to place it?  Er…check.

No need to worry. We’re back with the next installment of the Recruiting Right series!

There are different factors to keep in mind when placing a job advertisement. Here are five options you need to consider;


Internal Recruitment

It’s quick, cheap and highly efficient. Advertising internally means that you will be utilising resources and platforms that are familiar to you. It also means that you will save time and resources that would’ve been demanded by external recruiting avenues.

Recruiting internally also provides employees with opportunities for career growth and improves overall employee engagement. Sometimes the best candidate is already working for you!


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External Recruitment

Although it usually requires more time and resources, recruiting externally opens up many more options. You might not be familiar with the way they work or how they will fit within your organisation’s structure, but external candidates bring fresh, new perspectives and experiences.


Advertising Online

It comes to no surprise that, now, the vast majority of people search online to apply for jobs. We recommend you advertise on two different websites (if your budget allows).

Depending on the nature of the role, and the reach you’d like, online websites like SEEK, LinkedIn, and even Facebook are tried and tested platforms that can effectively get your advertisement maximum exposure to a variety of applicants in the shortest amount of time.

Other websites such as Catholic Jobs Online and GradConnection do not have the same level of reach, but are much more focused. As a result, these websites can be effective if the role demands a particular type of applicant.



Consulting Recruitment Agencies

If you are restricted on time or are struggling to recruit, consulting Recruiting Agencies can be very useful.  Many provide a variety of services, from advertising to screening applicants. But agencies draw applicants from their own pool of contacts, which can be very limiting. Plus, these agencies don’t come cheap. So, make sure you know the full cost of their services before engaging them.


Requesting Right – Getting The Information You Need

Getting applicants to respond to your advertisement is good. But getting applicants to respond with relevant and important information will make it easier to assess their suitability.

As a minimum, we recommend applicants provide a resume and cover letter when applying. Additional information is highly dependent on the nature of the role. For example, you might require candidates address the role’s selection criteria for more senior positions. Or for roles that require particular certification (such as a WWCC), the advertisement should be made clear that applicants provide the necessary information and supporting documents.





Coming up next: interviewing and assessing applicants. Can’t wait for the next edition? Click here to access the full Step by Step guide to get you started right away!



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