CCER provides professional development opportunities for clients through our extensive range of training programs, designed to help you comply with your employment relations obligations and develop your managers’ people management skills.

We ensure that you have access to a range of professional development opportunities through our annual training calendar. Training topics range from Work Health and Safety, Workplace Investigations to Building Respectful Workplaces.

We also deliver or arrange in-house training to your leadership team or other staff, and have done this for many employers like you over the years. By getting CCER to deliver the training for you, you can feel confident that your managers or staff will be well informed. Our Engagement Workshops can be delivered at your workplace to help you optimise performance and achieve the ideal workplace.

View the 2017 Training Calendar to see the range of training on offer this year. View and register for all our training and other events below.

Please Note

A training flyer and link to registration will be available 4 weeks prior to each workshop. Some training courses may incur a fee.
The fee will be advised in the training flyer. Some courses can be made available in regional areas, subject to demand.
CCER may also provide in-house training on specific topics on request. Additional training and other professional development
opportunities, including briefings, may be offered throughout the year, in addition to the workshops outlined above.

Performance Counselling in Practice (half day)

This practical, half-day workshop - targeted at managers and supervisors in social services, aged care or religious institutes - will help you successfully navigate common ‘roadblock’ scenarios when having performance discussions. Through role play and interactive discussions, participants will learn ‘best practice’ responses to challenging situations.

Workplace Policies and Contracts – Why it’s Important to get them Right

Workplace Policies and Contracts – Why it’s Important to get them Right

Polding Centre 133 Liverpool Street Level 5 Sydney, NSW 2000

This half day workshop is designed for managers and HR practitioners responsible for preparing employment contracts and workplace policies in their organisation. It will look at the most common mistakes employers make with their contracts and policies and how to avoid them. CCER resources including template contracts and policies will be examined. Participants are welcome to submit their own questions about contracts and policies in advance so they can be answered during the session.

Managing Workplace Restructures

Level 8 Polding Centre 133 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW 2000

Funding levels and business imperatives often mean organisations need to review their internal structure and make operational changes. Almost always, this has an impact on jobs, either by changing the duties and responsibilities of a position or number of positions, or removing a position/s entirely (that is, redundancy). The workshop will give participants a practical ‘how to’ guide to undertaking a workplace restructure, from developing a sound business case to consulting with affected staff and determining redundancy and other entitlements, understanding of the industrial and legal requirements around implementing a restructure and the potential legal, industrial and other risks of not properly managing a restructure, and practical tools for implementing a restructure.

Systemic Schools Networking Forum

Level 8, Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St, Sydney

WHS Networking Forum

Level 8, Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St, Sydney

Managing and Conducting Workplace Investigations

Level 8 Polding Centre 133 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW 2000

This workshop is specifically tailored to meet the needs of HR and other professionals who may be required to conduct or manage investigations into workplace grievances (such as bullying and harassment) or misconduct. It is aimed at providing participants with practical skills to handle workplace investigations.
The workshop will also cover the obligations of decision-makers in the investigation process and matters they should consider before accepting the investigation findings and determining the outcome.
Presented by Workdynamic

Catholic Independent Schools Networking Forum

Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St Sydney

Social Services Networking Forum

Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St, Sydney

A-Z of Employment Relations

Taylor/Barlow Rooms, Level 8 Polding Centre 133 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW 2000

This workshop targets people who are new to a people management or supervisory role. It will cover the main legal compliance requirements in employment – ranging from Adverse Action, Discrimination, National Employment Standards to Work Health & Safety.

Retreat Centre Networking Forum

Location TBD