Operational Matters

Operational Matters


As usual its been a busy time for the team at CCER. Negotiations have been taking place for a variety of Enterprise Agreements throughout NSW and the ACT concerning both the Education and Social Services sectors.  Some of these are in their early stages, but three Agreements are ready to be signed off by the Fair Work Commission.

The sharing of private information has been at the heart of a very interesting project we have been working on for the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn.  Working with a broader team of legal consultants, CCER has created an Information and Privacy policy for the Archdiocese.  Its hoped this document will eventually be rolled out to other Dioceses.  In this ever-changing digital age, its crucial all organisations have up-to-date privacy policies.

Weve also launched a brand, new resource that will help you through the process of hiring staff.  

Our Six Steps to Recruitment Success

Our Six Steps to Recruitment Success is an easy-to-read guide full of great tips.  It takes you through each stage of recruitment, from deciding whether to fill a vacancy through to inducting your new recruit.  You can find Part One of the guide here in the Spring Bulletin or download the entire resource from our website.

Our workshops and networking sessions are still proving to be very popular, with recent events covering Workplace Policies and Contracts, Performance Counselling in Practice and Managing Workplace Restructures.  The latter of which has inspired our Spring Theme, so do check out our guidelines and cheat sheets on Restructures.

Were really excited about our new Facebook Page.  Catholic Workplaces has just been launched. Its a great way for us to celebrate the great work we do as employees of Catholic organisations.  Its also a welcome space to share ideas and advice, and connect with colleagues.

As always, theres plenty more going onthese are just some of the highlights.  

If youd like to know more about any of these projects, or need employment advice, please dont hesitate to get in touch.  Our Employment Relations Specialists can be reached on: 9390 5255 or enquiry@ccer.catholic.org.au

Your Top Five Topics (based on the number of enquiries):  

  1. Contracts
  2. Leave Entitlements
  3. Awards/EA Interpretations
  4. Restructures/Redundancies
  5. Workforce Planning and Recruitment

**We’ve had at least 686 new enquiries since the end of July.

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