New pay agreement for Principals to value primary education

New pay agreement for Principals to value primary education


The Catholic Commission of Employment Relations (CCER) has announced that a new pay agreement to equalise pay across primary and secondary school principals has won majority support.

CCER Executive Director Tony Farley, who led the negotiation and pushed for this significant change, said it was an essential step in recognising the unique value and contribution of primary school educators.

“Primary school education is no less important than high school. Our primary school leaders are just as important and qualified but have worked under an historical disparity that has existed in all education systems.

The agreement, which will apply to ten Catholic Dioceses across NSW and the ACT, will come into effect following approval by the Fair Work Commission.

“As well as providing a 2.5% pa increase for all principals, this agreement sends a very clear message that the Catholic school system values the specialist expertise required to provide the highest quality primary school education. In some cases, the increase for primary school principals will represent a one-off 9% increase which highlights the historical anomalies that have existed for primary school principals.

“CCER is genuinely pleased to have taken a proactive approach to valuing the work and leadership role of principals. Principals are at the cutting edge of innovation and change and this agreement responds to the latest research that highlights the importance of the early years of a child’s education. We are not just an employer group – we’re about making contemporary agreements that build capacity and reward great work.

Over the last 12 months CCER have been working with ten Dioceses in NSW and ACT on a proposal for a new Principals Enterprise agreement. The proposal has now achieved majority support amongst principals.

The key changes are summarised below:

  • two classification levels – Foundation Principal and Accomplished Principal – with rates of pay linked to school enrolment bands;
  • equal rates of pay for primary and secondary principals;
  • an additional loading of no greater than 10% in circumstances where an employer determines that a school has particular recruitment needs, including boarding schools;
  • a Catholic Ethos provision similar to that applying to Teachers and General Employees; and
  • leave conditions and entitlements similar to arrangements for Teachers to apply from 2017.
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