Major Changes to NESA Timeframes

Major Changes to NESA Timeframes


Due to ongoing issues with NESA’s online electronic Teacher Accreditation Management System (eTAMS), NESA has made changes to a number key accreditation dates for teachers wishing to maintain, or apply for, proficient accreditation this year.


These are:


Teachers whose Maintenance of Accreditation at Proficient Teacher is due in Terms 1-3 2018

Proficient Teachers with maintenance of accreditation due in Terms 1-3 2018, now have an extended deadline to complete their maintenance by 28 September 2018 (it was 6 July 2018). NESA advises teachers to keep their own offline record of any professional development completed in 2018.


Teachers Applying For Proficient Teacher Accreditation

Teachers applying for Proficient Teacher accreditation before the end of Term 3 should use NESA’s interim offline process.  Teachers who have already commenced their application in eTAMS are advised to contact NESA on 1300 739 338.

Teachers with a deadline in Term 4 or later can log into eTAMS now to upload, annotate and link evidence to the standard descriptors.  NESA will advise teachers when eTAMS is available for finalising Proficient Teacher accreditation online.


More information is available on the NESA website. If you have further questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us to speak to our staff and specialists.

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