Keeping an ear out…


Just a quick note to let you know we’re keeping across Work Health and Safety Regulations with regard to audiometric testing. Revisions made last year (affecting clause 58.2) will require some employees who wear personal protective equipment (PPE), like earmuffs, to undergo a hearing test which the company must provide from January 2018. Many organisations…

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This won’t hurt a bit: 5 excellent reasons to have a chronic pain strategy in the workplace

We were reminded this week during National Pain Week how fortunate Australia is to have a National Pain Strategy for dealing with people who suffer chronic pain. No other country has anything like it. The National Pain Strategy was developed five years ago and is a unique model of care for the management of chronic pain.

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State of emergency – considerations for employers

Dorothea MacKellar summed it up perfectly when she described Australia as a country of “droughts and flooding rains”.  We do indeed live in a land of extremes.  Whether we’re battling bushfires or bracing ourselves for tropical storms, it’s important to have a discussion about how employers can support staff who volunteer in our emergency services….

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Watch out for these Work Health & Safety holiday hazards

It’s never too early to get organised for the holiday season, as good planning can mean the difference between a restful break or stressful one. So before the festivities even begin, CCER takes a look at the some key Work Health and Safety risks to help employers prepare for the Silly Season.

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