Church employer group condemns wage cut for low paid workers


CHURCH EMPLOYER GROUP CONDEMNS WAGE CUT FOR LOW PAID WORKERS Leading employer group the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) has condemned the Fair Work Commission decision to cut the pay of some of Australia’s lowest paid workers through reductions in penalty rates. This comes as CCER hosts Opposition Leader Bill Shorten at the first…

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Attack on stay at home mums obscured by election campaign

The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) has spoken out against upcoming changes to Family Tax Benefit payments, saying they unfairly target stay at home mums. CCER represents Catholic employers in NSW and the ACT. Writing in the Catholic Weekly, CCER Executive Director Tony Farley said: “New cuts to family payments that will hurt stay…

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Penalty rate cuts will hurt regional areas most

THE peak body of Catholic employers in NSW has rejected the Productivity Commission’s argument that cutting workers’ penalty rates would result in increased job opportunities. The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations’ executive director, Tony Farley, visited Moree Centrecare on Monday and discussed workplace mission statements and values, personal values and the commission’s recommendation to reduce…

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CCER want penalty rates to be cared about

We need leaders to care about the young and disadvantaged in our society. Penalty rates legitimately compensate employees for working long hours or at unsociable times. These proposed changes would result in our most vulnerable low-paid workers needing to work extra hours to receive the same income. As a major employer, we simply don’t agree…

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