Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017

Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017


Awesome.  That word pretty much sums up our Youth Festival experience. It was fantastic meeting, chatting and posing (see our fabulous pics) with the next generation and those paving the way for them.

It was pretty much non-stop action at the CCER booth.  Thousands of people stopped by to learn more about the important work being done by Catholic workplaces everywhere. Many were impressed to learn the sheer size of the Catholic workforce and proud of the valuable contribution we all make every day.

Our Dream Job Toolkit was a huge hit.  Packed with advice, stories and quick tips – the kit contains everything young people need to get started on that stellar career path.  It’s proved so popular that we’ve make it available to every Catholic school and university to help them prepare future school leavers for the road ahead.

Our “Faith at Work” section gave examples of how, this year alone, CCER has campaigned publicly on issues close to the Church’s heart such as poverty reduction.  We spoke out against weekend penalty rate cuts.  We pushed for a greater increase to the minimum wage.  It was important to us to show young people how they can pursue their pastoral mission through their professional lives.

If you want to check out some of the great stuff that took place in the CCER booth, head to the Catholic Workplaces Facebook page – and don’t forget to like us to keep up to date with matters affecting you and this inspirational community.

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